John Randall is a renowned musician and instructor

In New York and LA, he has played hundreds of auditions for casting directors Bernie Telsey, Tara Rubin, Jay Binder, Dave Clemmons, Cindy Tolan, Jim Carnahan, and the Roundabout–just to name a few.

  • John will help you create an arrangement that will fit you perfectly.
  • Besides finding the right key for you, he can also suggest breath, dynamic markings, vocal placement, and text consideration.
  • He offers effective warm-up vocalizes and exercises to strengthen breath support and vocal range.
  • John can give you song suggestions and create arrangements for your auditions including 16 bar cuts, introductions, and endings.
  • He can play the piano for your audition.
  • John enjoys working with actors and singers at all levels of experience.
  • His supportive and focused attention brings out the very best in each individual’s performance.